Several lesson options are available here at Graystone Farm, making it easy to find something to fit your schedule and budget. Riding programs are held throughout the year. Classes are held in our covered riding area on rainy days and inside on extremely cold or windy days.

Proper riding attire is required. This includes boots with a smooth sole and at least a half inch heel, jeans or riding pants and a certified riding helmet. Helmets are provided at the barn.

Riding Programs:

Youth Lesson Program
Activities for Homeschool Students
Pony Club Program
Sprouts Lesson Program
Field Trips

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Youth Lesson Program

The youth riding lesson program here at Graystone Farm is designed to be a complete learning experience for our students. Becoming an accomplished rider requires a knowledge of all aspects of horsemanship.

Our program consists of a combination of in-saddle, ground work, hands-on and classroom lessons.

Students not only learn to ride, but they also learn what it means to be responsible for the care and well-being of a horse, about different riding styles, tack, horse psychology & body language, anatomy and much more!

Ages 8 thru teens
August thru May
Textbook optional
1 hour sessions
Weekly Program = $160 monthly
Bi-Weekly Program = $80 monthly
Individual Private Lessons - $40 per lesson









Activities for Homeschool Students

Several options are available for homeschooled students, both group and individual. Homeschool groups may choose to schedule a field trip to the farm. All field trips include horse or pony rides and a Q&A time in which kids get to learn many interesting facts about horses and their care. Our Homeschool Farm Day program offers horseback riding along with other activities such as crops of NC, gardening and nature walks around the farm with tree and leaf identification. Picnic facilities are available.

Individual family activities are also available. Our 30 minute rental sessions give children a chance to come out and ride a pony or horse under the supervision and assistance of our staff. We also offer 1 hour private lessons which include grooming and preparing the horse for riding in addition to in-saddle riding instruction. Appointments are required for all activities.


Pony Club Program

Our pony club programs here at Graystone Farm offer a unique opportunity designed specifically to introduce children to the wonderful world of ponies and horses. These lessons are held in a group format and meet once a month on Saturday, making pony club a convenient and very affordable lesson option.

Activities at each session include:

Riding lesson
Classroom lesson

Ages 4 & up
Monthly - 2 hour sessions

$40 - per session
$8 - 10 min. ride for siblings

Little Wrangler’s
Pony Club

1st Saturday each month
4 years old - K-5
Young Rider’s
Pony Club

2nd Saturday each month
1st & 2nd Grade
Young Equestrians
Pony Club

3rd Saturday each month
3rd - 5th Grade


Sprouts Lesson Program

For those little ones who want to ride more than once a month, but are too young for the weekly youth program, we now offer a special program just for you. These private lessons provide the one-on-one attention required for this young age group. Sprouts participate in all the "big kid stuff" and get to help with the grooming and tacking up prior to their in-saddle lesson. This program is a wonderful supplement to our monthly Pony Club Program and gives the little ones a chance to do more hands-on work with the ponies.

Ages 6-7
August - May
1 hour sessions
Weekly Lesson Program = $180 monthly
Bi-Weekly Lesson Program = $90 monthly
Individual Private Lessons = $45 per lesson


Field Trips

Offering fun & educational activities for groups of all ages.

Day Cares & Preschools
School Classes
Home School Groups
Girl & Boy Scouts
Adult Care Homes

Field Trips for the Kids

Kids will enjoy a riding session on our ponies or horses followed by a question & answer session. During this part of the program, kids will learn about what our ponies eat, how we care for them, and the jobs our ponies do here on the farm. They will also learn about different riding styles.

$9 each (10 Kid Minimum)


A variety of fun and educational activities can be added to your Field Trip experience. Kids and adults can enjoy a hay ride around the farm; children can experience what is was like as a frontier child while taking a ride in our authentic covered wagon, or learn how to milk a cow with Bessie, our simulated milking cow. Our Crops of NC Program allows guest to visit our educational garden to see and learn about the major crops of North Carolina, sample farm foods and learn about composting and water conservation. Guided nature walks with tree and leaf identification are also available. These additional activities are priced separately.



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